10 Rules of Slow Life

Have you ever felt like your life was passing you by?

That you don’t really enjoy it or that everything around you is going too fast?

We’re sure you have these thoughts, we all do. It’s a sign that you need to slow down! Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy early mornings and your first coffee? What about meditating when stuck in traffic? Stop being in a rush all the time. It’s about time to give up life in the fast lane, it makes our relationships, productivity, finances and health grow worse.

Slowing down might be a challenge, but trust us, it pays off.

1. Do less, think more. Forget about doing a lot of things at the same time. Try to focus on one task, do it mindfully. Be aware of what you’re doing. Not only at work, but also in your private life. When you meet your friends or family, refrain from looking at your phone or checking e-mails. Simply appreciate the moment and be with them.

2. Enjoy the here and now. You’ll love this feeling. Look around yourself and discover things that you’ve never noticed before. Focus on what’s going on around you. Calm down your thoughts. Be here and now. See the beauty of the moment. Don’t think about the past or future.

3. Be offline as often as possible. Put away your mobile phone. Log out of your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Turn on the airplane mode. It will not only stop harmful radiation, but also help you to be more self-aware. You’ll never slow down if you have notifications coming in constantly.

4. Get a good sleep. Lack of sleep won’t let you achieve balance. You must be well-rested to be more productive and focused. Try to make sleep a ritual. Invest in a healthy mattress, make your bedroom a special place, don’t eat or work there. It should be your sacred space.

5. Enjoy nature. Don’t shut yourself in your home or office. Go outside! Leave your mobile phone at home when going on a walk. Take your time, observe the nature, breathe deeply. Let the sun soak into you. Smell the fresh air. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, running or playing games with your friends.

6. Meditate. Meditation isn’t just for hippies. It has many health advantages, it reduces anxiety, stress and it’s beneficial for your brain. Meditation is a great way to slow down and become aware of your body. Take a deep breath and start it now! Let it become your routine.

7. Focus on your food. Eat slowly, focus on each bite of your food. Be mindful of it. Feel the flavours and textures of your meal. Forget about junk food. Try to treat your eating routine like meditation.

8. Find the work-life balance. Don’t let work become the meaning of your life. Stop pursuing money. Find out and do what really makes you happy. Slowing down will help you become more productive.

9. Appreciate the simple pleasures. It’s connected with enjoying the here and now. Apart from focusing on the moment, you should appreciate it! Try to see the positive in every situation.

10. Breathe. When you feel that you’re stressed or everything around you is going too fast, have a break and take a deep breath. Repeat it. Feel the volume of the air coming into your lungs. Slow down.

Do you have a hectic life? What do you do to slow down?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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