Digital Detox Mini-Guide

Can you imagine a day without modern technology? You deliberately turn off your mobile phone, computer and tablet and focus on the real world, without checking Facebook, emails or the news. At the time when technology becomes ubiquitous, there’s a new trend starting to emerge — it’s digital detox. If you’d like to find out more about it, check out another article devoted to it “How to start a digital detox”.

Our obsessive relationship with technology

Internet addiction is a growing problem nowadays. We’re constantly online and we can’t break ourselves of using our mobile devices when at work, school, home or on holiday. We don’t realize that all the information and stimuli that we’re exposed to in the virtual world may be overwhelming and cause fatigue. Technology invades almost every aspect of our lives. It affects our health, well-being and relationships with others. That’s why more and more people decide on a digital detox, a conscious break from using electronic devices which makes them focus on being offline.

What is it all about?

If we want to detox our body and mind, we have several possible methods to choose from. Many people decide on a gradual disconnection from the online world. They start with one day without phone and the Internet and then try to survive without them more often.

Another way is to go on holiday and give up using electronic devices completely by for example leaving them in the hotel or even at home. We all tend to use the Internet in the leisure time. Refraining from using something as obvious as a mobile phone or the Internet isn’t as simple as it might seem in the beginning. Did you know that there is even something like a digital detox camp? It’s a great idea if you want to fight your attachment to mobile devices and escape to the real world, but your willpower is weak.

What are the benefits?

You probably think that a few days without a phone and a computer won’t change a thing, don’t you? Having tried digital detox your attitude towards technology will surely change. When you realize that you can live without looking at your phone every ten minutes, you start to appreciate the real world.

Those who decided to take a break from electronics admit that it enabled them to increase their productivity at work and manage their free time more effectively. They removed a few useless apps from their mobiles phones, stopped being constantly logged in on social media and avoided checking work emails off-duty. Limiting the time spent online gives you extra time for other activities and the loved ones.

Digital detox daily: 3 simple steps

For many of us, it’s impossible to disconnect from the online world completely, but we can work on some of our bad habits to make our relationship with technology healthier.

1. Don’t use your smartphone, laptop or tablet before bedtime. The last half an hour before going to sleep should be the time to wind down. Read a book instead of watching Instagram photos.

2. Choose the time during the day that will be always free from the contact with the media. A very good idea is not to use your smartphone during the meals.

3. Treat yourself to a detoxification weekend from time to time. Take a long walk, cook something with your family, visit your friends. Focus on doing only real things, in the real world, with real people.

Are you at least a little bit intrigued by the prospect of having a digital detox? Choose the real world instead of the virtual one. Life without constant access to the Internet is possible and it has more advantages than you can imagine.

Start today, you won’t regret it!

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