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We are a group of people who support technological solutions that are human friendly.

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What kind of radiation is do electronic devices emit? What do we know about it and why is it harmful? How does a digital detox work? What does it mean to be smart online? How can you find work-life-balance? How can we live a slow life?

Here, on the Slow Digital blog, you’ll find the answers!

There are two kinds of articles: ‘Mobile & Radiation’ and ‘Body & Mind’, both will include research findings and data. In the ‘Mobile & Radiation’ articles we’re going to discover as much as we can about radiation, new technologies, gadgets, smart solutions and innovations. We’ll try to solve real problems connected to technology, radiation and electrosmog. The ‘Body & Mind’ articles will revolve around lifestyle — in particular they will deal with health, personal development, slow life, slow food, travelling, planning, life guides, relaxation, meditation and sport.


The reason is very simple — we want to look for and share better technological solutions. We are concerned with human health, well-being and environment.

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We are currently in the brainstorming stage of something very special (sorry, we can’t disclose any details yet). Of course, we’re getting ready to start blogging! If you are interested in the topics above stay tuned and follow us because we want to share some knowledge.

Thank you for reading this introduction and hopefully you will find our topics and insights useful. Feel free to write to us or comment on our posts.

We look forward to your input and a fruitful conversation.


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