How to Start a Digital Detox

Is digital detox a new trend?

The first thing most people do when they wake up is to check any emails and notifications on their mobile phone. Then, while eating breakfast, some might browse the news. During work, you might constantly use your computer and phone, for most, these are the most important tools for work.

Even during lunch breaks, phones are kept handy in case someone needs you or there’s something you want to photograph. After work in the evening, you might go to the gym and listen to music on your phone, of course. If you stay at home, you might watch a movie on TV or on your laptop. Sound familiar?

The average user touches their mobile phones about 2,617 times a day on average.[1] That’s quite often, don’t you think? As mentioned in our previous article, being in constant physical contact with your mobile phone may have a negative effect on your health.

So, maybe it’s high time you decided to do a smartphone detox once in a while? We want to make it easy for you, here are some tips and examples that will help you take a break from your beloved phone!

    • Watch this TED Talk:

    • Have a meal with your family or friends. Turn off your smartphone first, though! Meet real people in real life. Here’s a cautionary story (and a film recommendation):

  • Don’t multitask all the time, enjoy living in the moment. Try not to take photos of everything and don’t snap or Google all the time.
  • Use a paper calendar or a notebook and make checklists, it can be as good as notifications on your phone. Try to memorize as much information as you can — you don’t really have to note everything down.
  • Work out without music and without any sports apps (such as Endomondo or Nike+ Running). You’ll see that it’s as joyful and beneficial as ‘sport with technology’. Look around yourself! You might discover something that you haven’t noticed before.
  • Turn on aeroplane mode even when you’re not on a plane! It’s very useful, it helps you focus on your work, the people around you and yourself.

A digital detox can be quite a challenge nowadays. For some of you (yes you, workaholics …) it probably seems almost impossible. Still, try to spend a few hours without your smartphone after work and during the weekend, you’ll see how pleasurable it can be!

Maybe you’re even ready for a digital detox holiday? What about two weeks without any technology? Think about it! Perhaps the phantom limb syndrome, this false feeling that your phone is vibrating in your pocket, will disappear and your mobile phone will stop feeling like a part of your body.

In upcoming articles we are going to tell you more about starting a digital detox, time management and sports that don’t require the use of technology, so stay tuned!

Let’s master technology before it masters us!

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[1]Nelson, P. (2016) We touch our phones 2,617 times a day, says study [Online] (Accessed 22/06/2017)