7 Things You Should Do During Pregnancy

You can do a lot of things to take care of your child’s health even before they’re born. But it isn’t only about the medical side of things either. While you’re pregnant, you also need to remember to do some exciting things for yourself. Read our tips and choose which ones you’d like to use.

1. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol
and cut down on caffeine

It should be obvious that drinking alcohol during pregnancy harms your baby’s development. It causes a lower birth weight, increases the risk of hyperactivity and may cause problems with learning and attention span.

Alcohol intake increases the risk of stillbirth or miscarriage and may also result in fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which is characterized by abnormal facial features, poor growth, heart defects, and damage to the central nervous system. The risk of harming your baby by drinking alcohol is too high.

Cigarettes contain at least 60 cancer-causing compounds. The same applies to e-cigarettes, as they are unregulated, “you cannot know what kinds or amounts of chemicals, such as nicotine, they contain.” Smoking is dangerous for your baby. All of the toxicity gets into your bloodstream and goes directly to the developing organism of your baby.

Moreover, even exposure to caffeine affects your baby much more than it affects you. When you drink coffee, your baby gets the caffeine through the bloodstream. The processing of this substance takes much longer in your baby’s developing organism.

Caffeine consumption which is too high may affect the later development of the child, especially growth. A safe dose of caffeine is 200mg per day. So you can drink one cappuccino or café latte, or two shots of espresso each day.

2. Reduce your radiation exposure

Some scientific research has been done on the subject of prenatal wireless radiation exposure. Their results show that it may be harmful to the development of children as you can read, for example, in results of Karolinska Institute’s research. We have linked to their press release in a section “Sources” below, so you can check it.

There are many ways you can reduce it. For example, don’t keep any wireless electronic devices such as mobile phones in your bedroom. Using a smartphone or a tablet before going to bed means you are also exposing yourself to a blue light which disturbs your sleep with notifications popping up. Reducing the number of electronic devices around you in the evening will help you to have a healthy sleep.

3. Use a laptop responsibly

Special attention should be given to laptop radiation. Sometimes people use laptops on their laps, which despite their name, is not healthy. They should not be kept in direct contact with the body and when you are pregnant, they are not to be placed so close to your belly. Some pregnant women put their laptops directly on their abdomen while they are watching movies or browsing the Internet. It may feel more convenient but it is not safe.

Radiation from a laptop goes through your body and it can reach your unborn baby. Scientific research has proven that prenatal exposure to radiation may result in hyperactivity of children. There is a way you can deal with the radiation exposure without the need to quit using your laptop. It is sufficient to put your device on an anti-radiation pad, like ekopad™ . It absorbs most of the radiation that comes from a laptop so you and your baby are safe.

4. Take your vitamins

As soon as you know you are expecting a baby, you should start taking prenatal vitamins. In your first trimester, it is essential to get enough folic acid. It reduces the risk of developing neural tube birth defects in your baby, e.g. spina bifida. You should also consider taking a vitamin D as it helps in breastfeeding later. You can get that from food, e.g. eggs, oily fish like salmon or red meat. Iron is also crucial for your wellbeing because if you are short of it, you can feel tired or even get anaemia which is especially dangerous in pregnancy.

Be careful of vitamin A which can have a toxic effect on your baby. You should even check your cosmetics for Vitamin A because it helps to treat skin problems. It is forbidden to continue that kind of treatment in pregnancy so contact your dermatologist to get more information.  

5. Read to your bump

You can start to bond with your unborn child during pregnancy and partners can do it too. It is advised to read to your baby while it’s in the belly. You can do that by yourself or you can ask your partner to join in. A lot of women are moved when their partners speak directly to the baby in their belly: “Hello, this is your dad speaking”.

You could also let your unborn child listen to music. Your baby will start to hear sounds outside of the womb by 23 to 24 weeks so this is the best time to read some books or listen to music with your unborn child.

6. Take care of your health in general

When you are pregnant it is especially important to take care of your health. If you are undergoing any drug treatments, you should contact your doctor to be sure you can continue to use your medication. Doctors will tell you if you should consider changing some things. For example, ibuprofen is dangerous for your baby’s development so you need to take something different instead.

If you are worried about any potential health problems of your unborn baby, you should check yours and your partner’s family medical history. If you find any problems with past pregnancies, you should report that to your doctor.

7. Get as much rest as you need

The worst time for your wellbeing in pregnancy is the first trimester. Your body is changing and it needs to get used to varying hormone levels. This is why you are probably exhausted at work or whilst out shopping or wherever you are. You need to take a rest.

You should go to bed earlier so don’t feel guilty if you want to leave everything and just read something in your bedroom. If you want to exercise, what is also important for your body as childbirth demands a lot of energy, try yoga or pilates for pregnant women. These are not so demanding but that will make you feel better.

Also, don’t read a lot of news about pregnant celebrities. In glossy gossip magazines, you will read about their precious time of pregnancy, how great they feel and how fast they got back into shape after giving birth. That won’t make you relaxed. Remember that it is just a creation for which they get enormous amounts of money. Don’t feel under pressure from #InstaMothers (mothers on Instagram).

There are a lot of rules and advice on what to do when you are pregnant. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the information. The general rule is not to become stressed about being pregnant. Obviously, a lot of changes will soon be happening in your life and you want to be well prepared for them. But remember to set aside some time to just be happy that you are going to be a mother.

Most of the advice above is easy to bring into your everyday life. It is good to provide it step by step so you won’t get anxious. Take care of your health, remember to be as safe as possible and… don’t forget to enjoy the time of pregnancy. You will be the best mother ever.

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