The Best EMF Organizations

Electromagnetic fields and their possible impact on human health is a subject of worldwide discussion, not only among scientists. A lot of research has been done and the results are becoming publicly known. People who are interested in the subject might be electrohypersensitive (EHS), responsible parents, or simply shocked by the potential risks.

These are the people who establish charities to gather greater groups of people. It’s strength in numbers, they can be heard and can reach policy makers or manufacturers with confidence. All of these charities accept new members. Sometimes it is even enough to support their activities with a good word. Let’s learn more about EH Trust, EMF Project, Mobile Wise, Electrosensitivity UK and C4ST.

EH Trust

Environmental Health (EH) Trust is an organization led by Dr. Devra Davis, an award-winning scientist who is interested in the subject of environmental factors which may have an impact on human health. She used to work on the issues connected with smoking cigarettes and developing cancer. At that time, a few decades ago, the industry was against providing research on the link between smoking and developing cancer because only a few people believed that any health implications may be caused by smoking.

Dr. Davis strongly supports the idea of providing research on overusing electronic devices and exposition to electromagnetic radiation, especially emitted from mobile phones, because she founds similarities between this case and a former case of smoking cigarettes. Based on her experience, she decided to co-found the EH Trust in 2007, in Teton County, Wyoming, an association which is the only nonprofit in the world today that takes care of critical research and activities that help to reduce environmental health risks. It also provides educational campaigns which make people aware of the safe use of mobile phones and other wireless electronic devices, especially among children and pregnant women.

The main focus of the EH Trust as of a few years ago was to campaign about banning smoking cigarettes or using asbestos. A core interest of the EH Trust is providing the cooperation between scientists, teachers and students to create educational tools, which can be useful for raising awareness about wireless radiation. The organization works with local and national decision-makers to develop constructive changes to EMF policies and also to improve safety standards for mobile phones.

It’s easy to appreciate the rich base of knowledge which is accessible on their website here, where you can find up-to-date information about worldwide activities associated with electromagnetic fields. Worldwide policies are also available so it is easy to check how the governments of other countries are dealing with issues connected to electromagnetic radiation from artificial sources.

If you are interested in the kind of work they are doing, you can check our latest article about the top five social campaigns about radiation here, where the EH Trust is also mentioned, or if you want to know more about its leader, Dr. Devra Davis, read our article about who she is. You can also read her bio on the EH Trust website, which is much more detailed.

The newest campaign from the EH Trust was launched last month, it is aimed at young children and is named “Protect Your Loved Ones”. It shows that taking care not to be exposed is not only a matter of your health but also those at greater risk. Children will use electronic devices for a longer time than adults who didn’t have access to such developed technology decades ago.

The EMF Project

The World Health Organization, the best-known and respected international organization whose goal is “to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world”, is also concerned about the electromagnetic field and its possible adverse health effects. In 2011, the WHO stated that EMF is in group 2B of factors which may be carcinogenic for people. Some scientists are trying to convince the WHO that it should be moved to the higher category of 2A because there is more scientific research which supports the risks associated with non-ionizing radiation.

The WHO decided to establish the EMF Project in 1996, which aim was to encourage focused research to fill important gaps in knowledge and to facilitate the development of internationally acceptable standards limiting EMF exposure. The project has its representatives all around the world, in almost every country where the World Health Organization has its international agency. The EMF Project itself is located in Geneva, Switzerland, at the headquarters of the WHO.

The most important objective of the project is to provide an international response to people’s concerns about possible health effects of exposure to EMF. This is due to the growing interest in the subject, which is caused by the much wider use of technology in the past twenty years. People are more concerned about its impact now than they ever were. The EMF Project is supposed to control the latest scientific literature and create a status on them, to identify any gaps which should be filled with further research. They also cooperate with national authorities and other institutions to provide advice on any hazardous results from EMF exposure. In one sentence, its aim is to provide scientific clarification on the subject of electromagnetic fields.

You can check out their website to see if there are any activities in your country and who is responsible for the EMF Project in your area.

Mobile Wise

Mobile Wise is an educational organization from the UK, whose activities are aimed at children. Its goal is to help the youngest protect themselves against possible risks caused by overusing mobile phones. As we know, smartphones are the most popular gadgets nowadays, even among younger teenagers, so it is important to teach them how to use the technology safely.

The organization compares using mobile phones to crossing the road. Every child is taught how to be safe in the traffic, and in the same way, they should know how to use their mobile phones safely. Mobile Wise is calling for a few important things that every smartphone user should be aware of. For example, they want manufacturers to show warning labels prominently on mobile phone packaging and in the instruction booklet, at the moment most warning information such as the suggestion to use a mobile phone at a distance from your body, is hidden somewhere in the user manual.

Mobile Wise is calling for an end to the active marketing of mobile phones to children as they should not be encouraged to use smartphones too soon. In many countries, for example, in France, advertising mobile phones to children is forbidden. Another important aspect is education. If children are taught about the safe use of phones and applications, they will be more cautious with them in the future.  

MobileWise is convinced that overusing mobile phones and being in constant exposure to non-ionizing radiation may transform into the next public health disaster.

Cigarettes were once considered safe, they turned out not to be.

It is also interesting to know who is supporting MobileWise. One of the trustees is Vicky Fobel, a lawyer based in London. She became interested in radiation’s impact on children when she uncovered some shocking scientific research on the subject. In 2010, she won an award from the UnLtd foundation for social entrepreneurs.

You can read more about MobileWise on the organization’s website.

Electrosensitivity UK

Have you heard of electrohypersensitivity (EHS)? This is the condition in which people are sensitive to any devices which emit radiation. EMF makes them feel bad, causes headaches and ruins their lives. In the United Kingdom, there are a growing a number of electrohypersensitive people, it is easy to be seen by looking at the number of people involved in this organization. It is called Electrosensitivity UK, or ES-UK and it began in 2003. Its trustees are mostly electro-sensitive themselves.

ES-UK supports EHS people and also informs the public about details of the condition. It is important to spread knowledge about electromagnetic radiation and the impact on human health so the charity provides a telephone helpline, leaflets and a newsletter. The main goal of ES-UK is to educate and make people aware of the medical issues connected with electrohypersensitivity. Affected people are truly suffering and they are often misunderstood by others. ES-UK knows that it’s crucial to reduce electrosmog to make their lives tolerable. The first step to achieve any changes is to raise awareness of the problem and that is why educating people is a goal.

You can read more about the organization in its leaflet here.

Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST)

This is a nonprofit organization which is completely volunteer-based. People who are involved in its activities are mostly parents and citizens of Canada, who are interested in the subject of EMF. Many experts and specialists have also joined the coalition and with their help, C4ST wants to reach policymakers to talk with them about the importance of reducing unsafe levels of radiation across Canada.

The main goal of the coalition is to encourage the Government to revise the current assumptions about the safety of EM radiation. They are outdated, they came from years ago, and they need to be double checked. Another important issue is to protect more vulnerable people, like pregnant women, or children. Even if they follow tips on reducing their exposure on their own, they are still at risk if they work or learn at places where the rates of exposure are higher than in their houses. Schools, kindergartens and offices are filled with WiFi routers and many other electronic devices. C4ST want the government to take care of the issue as it was possible to be done in other countries, for example in Cyprus, where a wireless Internet connection is forbidden in schools.

Informing the public about possible health risks should be provided by the industry and C4ST fights for that matter. They want that all wireless devices should carry safety warnings, not in their manuals but somewhere on the front, where they are easy to be seen. Cooperation between politicians, experts and the public in order to support protection from EMF is essential. Read about their activities on their website.

There are five well-known organizations dealing with radiation in different ways. Some of them focus on informing the public so people can decide if they want to be exposed. When they have no idea of the risks, how can they make an informed choice? Others are dealing with protecting the most vulnerable ones: pregnant women, children and electro hypersensitive people. Their aim is mainly to educate and inform the public about the scientific research, health risks and safety tips connected with the use of wireless electronic devices.

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