How Radiation in Mobile Phones Has Changed over the Years

Today we’re taking you on a small journey. A journey back in time. Let’s take a look at some of the very first mobile phones and their SAR rates. Did phones radiate less or more than nowadays? What’s your guess?

It might seem logical that with growing knowledge, after years of various research, mobile phones should produce less and less harmful radiation. we’ve traced back the history of mobile phones to check if it’s indeed the case. You can see the results of our search below, they’re pretty interesting, aren’t they? On the list, you’ll find several bestselling phones and their SAR rates. What do you think about it?

No one cares about SAR? Not anymore.

As you can see, there’s no logic or predictability behind the SAR rates of today and older mobile phones. SAR values vary even for different models from the same producer. Also, high SAR rate is characteristic not only of the mobile phones from the past. There are a lot of new models which have a higher rate than their older versions. Nowadays, most manufacturers provide information about the SAR values for their products and it’s easy to find it, so there’s no excuse for not comparing the SAR rates before you get a new phone. It’s in your interest.

Don’t forget to check the SAR rate the next time you buy a new mobile phone. Be smarter today than you were yesterday.

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